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MP3Juices is a free MP3 search engine. You can simply type an artist or song into the search box and then click Search. As a rule, the search for music does not take a second. If you have found a song you can download it in MP3 audio format and play it on your smartphone or on your computer.

MP3Juices is a huge brand in the MP3 search engine industry. The name 'MP3Juices' has existed for more than 5 years. There are many clones - and everyone tries to get a piece of the cake off. The first version was closed at that time and a new owner has created a new version of MP3Juices with the domain extension .cc. Meanwhile, this should be one of the largest MP3 search engines on the net with several million visitors daily. The version offers an MP3 search from YouTube, PromoDj, Soundcloud and other platforms. It is as simple as ours. The quality of the audio files is identical to ours.


  • Enter a title in the search box
  • Select a video from the results & click Download MP3
  • Download the video to your device
  • Have fun listening!

Why you should use MP3Juices:

  • Our service is very user-friendly and works on all devices.
  • You can search music files from several sources such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more.
  • Video conversion usually takes only a few seconds, depending on how long the raw video is.

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